Yoga For Asthma Relief
Start sitting cross legged. Rub your knees in a circular motion and time this with your breathing. Do this about 1 minute.
Twist your legs in front of you, bringing your feet to your hips. Grab your hands behind you and take a few deep breaths.
Lie on your stomach in Sphinx pose. Take a few deep breaths here. Hold this pose about 1 minute.
Straighten your left leg out next to you. Slide your left arm to your left foot and reach over with your right arm. Exhale as you do this.
Straighten your right leg out next to you. Slide your right arm to your right foot and reach over with your left arm. Exhale as you do this.
Sit on your heels and slowly turn your head side to side. Inhale when you turn your head, exhale coming back to center.
Roll your head around your neck a few times. Time this with your breathing. Take long, deep breaths.
Put your hands behind your head with your elbows reaching wide. Breathe in and scrunch your elbows together. Breathe out and bring them apart.
Lie on your back and inhale, slowly bringing your arms straight back. Exhale and swing your arms back around to your sides. Do this for 1 minute.
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