Wafer Paper David Austin Rose 🌹
5 steps
What you’ll need
Wafer Paper
Garment Steamer
Luster Dust
Water and brush
1.9 inch
Polystyrene ball
Pen Blade
Gumpaste or fondant
Scrapbooking circular Punch Out
Cover ball w/ fondant (allow some to overhang as seen). Don’t worry if it’s messy. It’ll be hidden.
Fold, trim, and steam about 10 circles of wafer. Steaming creates ruffle look. Apply to ball.
Apply 6 rounds to your flower. No need to steam these. They should “hug” your center tightly.
Cut the center just at the top of 6 rounds. Wet and fold into each other. Apply to your flower.
Use steamer to fold over like rose petals. Note: it gets hot! Attach 7 petals around. Dust after dry