KOMBUCHA Part 2: The First Ferment
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This is a scratch scoby & starter tea. See my profile for Kombucha Part 1: Making Your Own SCOBY
1st Ferment: you’ll need to save back “starter tea” & scoby to create this next batch of kombucha
10 tea bags (20g) steeped 4 C water + 1 1/4 sugar + water. Leave space for the starter tea & scoby
Add the 2 C “starter tea” from the previous batch.
This is now your new First Ferment & will brew about 2 weeks. You can then bottle it with flavors.
Next step is to bottle! Called the 2nd Ferment. See my profile for Strawberry Mojoto Kombucha
As long as you keep saving 2 C of finished brewed tea you can make batch after batch!