How To Share Your Jumprope To Pinterest
How to share your pin exports and sharing all of the different style options
Choose a Jumprope from your profile and tap “save & share videos to access your exports
Swipe through to find different exports with the Pinterest logo on them
We have en export that just has the title and the cover image of your Jumprope
We have an export that displays the first few steps of your Jumprope with no text
There’s an export that has your first three steps of your Jumprope along with the text from those cards
We have a split screen pin export that shows your cover image at the bottom and plays your Jumprope on top
We have a 4:5 Pinterest video export
And there’s also a full bleed 4:5 video pin export as well
As a bonus you can even use the Instagram or Facebook stories exports for Pinterest stories
Once you decide on an export go ahead and hit “save” to save this image to your phone’s camera roll
Now open Pinterest and hit the + to create a new pin. You’ll be able to grab your export from your camera roll and upload as normal.
Thanks for watching!