How To Score Sourdough & Challenger Breadware
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Prep your tools in advance. Parchment, blade, rice flour (I forgot my pastry brush...dang).
Pull out your cold dough. Flip using parchment, brush off old rice flour. Sprinkle on fresh.
For scores with symmetry start in the middle & work towards ends. Make an M shape. Cut 1/2” deep.
Slice in one continuous motion. This is slowed for demo but be quick & confident. Use a sharp blade.
Now details. Cut 1/4” deep. Make 1 cut at the top for a guide then little ones on each side.
Working quickly you need a landing spot for the hot bread pan. Use heavy duty thermal gloves.
Check after 20 min. Then continue the bake to get desired color. Follow your recipe for times.
I baked 20 min lid on and 20 min lid off. The edges on this bread pan are snug creating SPRING!
Spring. Flaky crust. Great color. Blisters. Ideal bottom. The right tools help with success
Low profile handles easy & sturdy to grab. TWO handles on the top & on the sides. Wow.
I’ve been baking for decades... Challenger Breadware truly the best bread pan I’ve ever used.
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Challenger Breadware