Ghost Cake Pops - Halloween
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Crumble a pre-baked cake to make 3 cups of cake crumbs. Mix 1/3 cup frosting into the cake crumbs.
Mix w/ your hands until the crumbs are all moistened & stick together when compressed.
Use a silicone Poop Emoji mold. Fill each mold about 1/2 full. Press the cake firmly into the mold.
Stick a cake pop stick into the middle of the cake pop. Be careful to not go all the way through.
Melt 4 cups white candy melts - two (12 ounce bags)
Dip each cake pop stick & poke it back into the cake pop. Let the dip harden in the cake pop.
Dip the pop into the melted candy melts. Add the eyes. Put it back to the foam until it is dry.
Let it cool! Serve! Happy Halloween @