Tortoise Shell Gelish For Nail Professionals
After prep & base coat, mix Glow Like A Star & Classic Red Lips together, apply thinly & cure
Repeat the first step
Add random thin blobs of That’s So Monroe to the nail, making sure to leave gaps between
Next apply Black Shadow to the previous blobs just off centre, blur edges with a brush then cure
Apply a thin layer of All American Beauty to the whole nail, don’t cure (yet)
Mix Classic Red Lips & That’s So Monroe and apply a few random thin blobs over the nail & now cure
Mix Classic Red Lips, Black Shadow & That’s So Monroe, apply a thin layer to the nail & cure
Randomly apply a few more thin blobs of Black Shadow off centre to the previous ones & cure
Apply Gelish Top It Off Topcoat, wipe off the tacky layer, apply Gelish Cuticle Oil & you’re done

Tabby Casto