Tomato Rasam
Wash the tomatoes and Chop them finely
Wash the coriander/cilantro and Chop them
Wash the lentils/ Toor Dal
Take a pressure cooker, place it on the stove and transfer the washed lentils into it
For a cup of lentils/dal - Add two cups of water
Add 1 -2 tea spoons of salt and turmeric powder
Close the lid and place the whistle on top and scale the flame to high and pressure cook it
Make sure you hear 4 whistles and then turn of the heat
Take another vessel, add chopped tomatoes, curry leaves, chopped coriander and some tamarind water
Add 1 tea spoon of turmeric, salt, chilly powder and a block of jaggery
Add a half cup of water and mix well. Scale the flame to high
You add two table spoons of Rasam powder
Now you add the cooked dal(lentils) to the rasam
Add some coriander/cilantro to the bubbling Rasam. You can literally smell the powerful aroma
Now take a small pan, add 2 table spoons of oil, a tea spoon each of mustard, cumin, Chana dal
Add the Asafoetida to the Tempering in order to amplify the taste and add the this to Rasam as shown
Rasam is ready to taste:) you may have it like a soup or you may have it with rice

Sandeep S Rodrigues