Throw A Fruit Bowl On A Wheel
Seal the bottom
Cone the clay
Get rid if air bubbles & it is easier to work with
Flatten out the top
Save the slip!
Start to open the pot
Open the pot a little bit wider.
Clean the water and flatten the rim
Slow down!
Straighten up the wall
Continue to pull your walls & clean the rim.
Slow the wheel down as the pot gets higher
Continue to pull upwards
One last pull!
Stretch the pot!
Trim the bottom!
Let dry before trimming
Poke holes into the bottom
Carefully poke holes into the bottom
Brace the bottom of the pot with your hand as you poke through the clay
Add a few more holes
Use a sponge to brace the inside
Roll out three snakes of clay
Twist them together
Score & slip the handles on

Shelley Olds