The Top Exercises For Tennis Players
Standing T for shoulder strength and stability.
Drop Lunge - Drop lunges improve lateral mobility and quickness, which are crucial in tennis.
Lateral lunge - This move also improves lateral mobility.
Hand walk - this stretch integrates the upper and lower bodies, crucial for swinging your racquet.
Granny medicine ball toss - This move increases overall power.
Knee hug - This helps stretch the glute and hamstring of your front leg and the hip flexor.
Med ball overhead slam - This will build explosive power in the upper body.
Med ball parallel throw-this will improve how fast and powerfully you swing the racket.
Foam rolling-uses deep compression to roll out muscle spasms and imbalances that develop over time.
Trigger point-will help relieve chronic foot pain and fascial tightness.

Lita Backe