Thai-Inspired Coconut Carrot Soup (Vegan)!
Gather your healthy ingredients!
Peel, trim, and cut the carrots into pieces & add to a bowl with avocado oil
Sprinkle with a hefty pinch of salt and roast on a cookie pan
Heat a little avocado oil in a large soup pot & add the chopped onion & crushed garlic
Cook until slight fragrant
Next, add your vegetable stock...
Dried Kaffir Lime leaves...
And the lemongrass stalks
Make sure to ‘bruise’ the lemongrass before adding
Boil and add coconut milk & the carrots. Simmer. Remove the kaffir lime leaves & lemon grass
Purée in batches until smooth
Return to the soup pot & add a squeeze of lime
Simmer with a cilantro bundle & season with salt
Serve with fried carrot chips, coconut milk, & cilantro. Find the full recipe at...