Sweet Cherry Almonds Pie
Hello dears
Step 1: almond cream
100g - 3/4 cup Almond flour
Add the sugar 100g - 1/2 cup
Salted butter slightly melted 100g - 7/8 stick
Mix until creamy
Add eggs one at a time
2nd egg
Vanilla extract
Rhum extract
Ready ! Next step....
Step 2: let’s work on the dough
Spread the dough
Let’s mesure the individual pies
Cut over the mini-pan size
Repeat the process
Fill the individual pans
You should have approximately 8 mini pies
With leftovers I make some Little sablés bretons for the toddler in the house
Step 3: Fill the pie pans
Any leftover cream can be used to make almond croissants
Add the pitted cherries fresh or defrosted
Bake (convection oven) for 30-35mins at 350F - 180C
Do not open the oven
With some sliced almonds on top!
Let it cool at room temperature
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Ready! Steady, taste!!!