Sampling Tips
Tip 1) Take advantage of the teeth to core tough foods like poultry, veggies, or thin-crust pizza
Tip #2: Use a twisting motion to break through tough foods
Tip #3 Anchor the food with hand to keep it from sliding around on the plate
Tip 4: keep your food appetizing. Avoid puncturing holes all over- sample an isolated area
Tip 5: Use a bowl to sample cereals to keep the food contained
...and use the walls of the bowl or container to help collect the food
Sampling Solid food: fully extend the green handle until it stops or you hear a click
...keeping the handle fully extended, insert the teeth of the barrel into the food and core
To sample liquids, push the handle all the way down. Inset it into liquid and pull the handle up
Core light and airy foods until the food completely fills the barrel
Tip 10: For very tough foods: get a good grip, apply pressure and twist while coring

Katelyn Friedson