Repeating Prints w/ a PVC Roller Stamp (K-8)
1/2” PVC, 1” PVC, Adhesive Craft Foam - 6”x9” Sheets, Markers, Scissors, Straight Edge, Liquid Watercolor, Felt Square, Styrofoam Food Tray, Card Stock or Heavy Weight Drawing Paper, Household Cleaner Or Water In Spray Bottle, Paper Towels, Roller Prints
Draw your design on the paper side so images aren’t reversed. Cut out.
Fit the pieces to the 4” wide pvc roller, and peel and stick firmly. Roll to press into place.
Use a square of felt on a food tray for watercolor ink - a small amount will saturate the pad.
Roll and lift , roll and lift to ink your roller stamp. Use even pressure when printing.
Clean rollers between color changes or for storage.
Change your design by adding color or incorporating another makers’ roller block.
We encourage re-using trays and felt pads. Rinse well and wipe.

Clean up and store - fold and stack with a paper towel, and bag for transport!