Natural Look Using KKW Beauty
Face primer
Apply face primer
Foundation ( Makeup Revolution Shade F2)
Apply foundation
Using tool of your preference blend the foundation (shown Real Techniques sponge)
Concealer ( Makeup Revolution shade C 2)
Apply concealer
Blend the concealer spreading it down to the light triangle
Set the base products with any finishing powder of your choice
Bronzer/ contour
I start applying bronzer/contour to the cheek bones first
..then continue at the perimeter of the face. You may want to work with few different brushes
Blush of your choice ( MAC in shade Melba shown )
Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks
Pick up lightest matte shade on a fluffy brush
set the entire lid
Pick up the matte transition shade on a blending brush
apply the transition color to the crease and blend well
Mix two deeper matte shades on a flat fluffy blending brush
apply the shades to the outer corner and blend well. You may want to switch to previous brush too
Using small smudge brush mix 2 deep matte shades
apply and blend color to the lower lid
Pick up shimmer shade
Using your finger or a brush add shimmer to the inner half of the upper lid
Using detail brush pick up shimmer shade
Using detail brush apply shimmer shade to the inner corner to brighten up the look
Apply lip pencil ( Peach 1 shown)
Apply Lipstick ( Peach 1 shown)
Finish up with mascara of your choice
Thank you for watching 💗

Evgeniya Pavlova