Minimalist Autumnal Nail Art (Swoosh Tips)
Use Doris to gently push back the skin and dislodge any cuticle.
Use Ethel to clean up the sidewalks and remove any stubborn cuticle (be careful, Ethel is sharp).
Use Martha to scoop away any remaining cuticle & clean under nails.
Use CND Scrubfresh to cleanse nails, apply CND SHELLAC Base Coat + cure
Apply 1 coat of CND SHELLAC Brick Knit & cure.
Apply 2nd coat of CND SHELLAC Brick Knit & cure.
Use a striper brush to paint the swoosh tips with CND SHELLAC Faux Fur
Apply CND SHELLAC XPRESS5 Top Coat and cure (oops this didn’t record!)