Make Your Own Praliné
Place the nuts on parchment paper and bake at 350F -180C for 10mins
meanwhile, make a caramel with 200g - 1cup sugar
50g - 1/4 cup water
Clean the torrefied nuts with a wet towel
Pour in the caramel
Continue mixing
Until dry
It starts caramelizing
Spread on parchment paper to allow to solidify
When solidified at room temperature
Break and 😋 .... try not to eat it
blend in the mixer to Pralin stage
Creamy paste becoming Praliné
Almost there
milk Chocolate
Mix with some praliné
Feuillantine base for pastry recipes (some crispy French crepes biscuits)
Feuillantine here on a chocolate pie base
Top it with some dark chocolate mousse
Refrigerate for few hours before serving