Make The Best Ever Raw Apple Pie
What you need: apples, almonds, dates, raisins, cinnamon, mandolin or knife! Oh, a dehydrator, too!
Grab 8 apples of your choice and let’s slice these apples thin!
Slice up your fave 8 apple varieties! Be careful not to slice ur fingers!!!!
Toss up your sliced apples with a heaping tablespoon of Ceylon Cinnamon! Best ever! Medicinal pie!
Spread sliced apples onto 4 dehydrator sheets. Dehydrated at 105 F for 2-3 hours!
Soak dates for 1 hour! Set aside! Add almonds & raisins into processor; make sticky & press into pan
Press crust into a pie pan! Set aside and relax!
Drain and purée dates, mix purée with apples in large bowl! Easy! Smells like heaven!
Folded date purée and sliced apples! Add additional sweetness if you desire!!
Fill the crust w apple filling and voila!! Easy and yummy!!

Andrea Kim