Make An Easy Photo Booth Backdrop
Measure about 3.5” in, on the L & R back side of your sheet seam pocket, mark with a line
Cut the line on L & R, careful to only cut one side of pocket (don’t cut through to the other side)
Thread your sheet seam with the top bar of your photo booth frame
Once the top bar comes out the other end, re-secure it to your frame (do better than I did)
If using two sheets, hide the frame by fastening the two together (in the back)
Hide the outer ends of the frame by fastening the fabric around the pipe to more fabric
Tip: Fabric should pool on floor- adjust sheet size (queen: 108”) based on frame height (ours: 91”)
Optional: if your sheet is too wrinkly, you can iron or steam it and reattach to the frame

Taylor Chew