Make a Mermaid Jar Light
(Sponsored by Unicorn Spit) Squirt Unicorn Spit into clean glass jar.
Spray water 6 to 8 times to thin out Unicorn Spit using spray bottle on mist setting.
Turn upside down and let drip down for several hours before turning upright to finish drying.
Cut plastic mermaid tail end off doll. (I got this at Dollar Tree)
Using hot glue gun, attach tail to lid.
Spray paint tail and lid with metallic paint, at least two coats. I used Brilliant Aluminum.
Protect outside of jar with plastic bag. Apply 2-3 coats of polyurethane to inside of jar.
Add fairy lights to inside of jar.
Cover jar with lid.
Enjoy your new mermaid jar. Visit for full instructions!