Make A Cushion Cover
Cut 5” by 5” fabrics and decide on the layout. Here I used 4 pcs of 5” squares each row.
Sew the 5” squares row by row together.
Pin the rows right side fabric with right side, making sure the seams line up with each other.
Sew 1/4” allowance.
After sewing, iron out the cover before attaching the inner lining.
Add inner lining of your choice and sew along the seams to make the cover look nicer.
Lining view after sewing near the seams.
After attaching the back fabric with lining, trim the edges with zig zag scissors so it looks nicer.
Insert a cushion and that’s how it looks like in front!❤️
One more step! Add buttons!
And it’s done!
Sparks joy! 💕