Lion King Inspired Makeup Tutorial 🦁 πŸ‘‘
Use tape to help create the shape you want. Then, go in with muted pinky transition shade.
Go in with a medium brown and apply slightly lower than you applied the pink.
Focusing from the outer corner inward, apply a bright magenta shade right into the crease.
Use a small brush and some concealer to cut the crease. Tip: look up to know exactly how high to go.
With an angled brush & a fiery copper, mimic the flick you did on top on the lower lash line.
Next, go back in and define and sharpen your crease with the magenta shade.
Darken the flick with a deep maroon color. (Optional)
Clean up the space between the two flicks with concealer and a small pencil brush.
Using a black liquid eyeliner, draw a very thin line to define the lash line.
Add a light, shimmery champagne color to the brow bone.
...and a bright yellow-gold to the inner corners.
Curl lashes and apply mascara. (Look at those bad boys. Thanks Lash Boost!)
Finishing touches: apply a light, peachy blush, neutral brown lipstick, and some highlighter.

Becca Johnson