Let’s Go!
Hiiii! Ehlie on the beat.
Applying “Flamingo” from the Danessa palette
Just get the color down. Almost went with these textured edges on the eyes buuuuut
Not today!
Blending the edges.
Spectral Palette
Mixing “Eerie” + “Occult”
Finger application using “Unknown”
Soften the edges
Urban Decay liquid liner
Tightline & smudgy bottom line
Fenty Matchstix in “Rum”
Black Radiance stick - “espresso” to contour
Jolii in “Lavanda”
Apply “Lavanda” to cheeks and buff
Urban Decay Stay Naked Concealer - Buffed out to lift center or face and blur blush edges
Lily Lashes in “Opulence”
Add some gold pieces.
Adding “Kiwi” from Danessa Myricks’s palette
Sephora Gloss Balm
Gloss on lids.
That’s it! Thanks for watching. ☺️

Ehlie Luna

Until next time 👋🏿