How To: Pink Ombré “Forty” Cookies
Get your cookies ready by adding fondant as your base. Add different # of drops to get the ombré.
Using a smaller cookie cutter or the same one will help get the perfect shape.
Before you begin, put a damp paper towel at bottom of a cup to avoid the tip (#2) from drying out!
Study/Practice the writing on a sheet and on a sample to get the correct feel/ pressure!
Keep steady & guide the icing as it falls. This is where the right consistency of icing is important
Tap a brush into the damp paper towel & gently press on the “peaks” left behind when lifting the tip
Every time you’re done with the icing, clean the tip on parchment & place bag in the cup.
Add gold powder & vodka in a small container. Begin to paint it on the dry icing!
Clean “mishaps” with a brush/small paper towel lightly damped with vodka!
These were my trials. I realized you can pipe ahead of time on parchment and once dry peel them off!
Remember: This takes time! It’s about being efficient - not fast but not slow. Enjoy the process!
Hours & effort put in are definitely worth it!