How To: Modeling Chocolate Monkey
Divide: two legs, two arms, head, body, tail. Form the body first like a tear drop & smooth it out.
Roll out head to a “squished” oval, two arms and the legs. Place cylinders down to flatten one side.
Cut out white oval for the tummy. Add a little bit of water and place on the body.
Pinch the non flattened part of arms & legs to attach them with water to the body. Smooth the back
Roll out white & use the round piping tip to create the monkey’s face. Measure & cut.
Trim & now glue. Measure & mold the mouth part of the money with white.
Now stick & for the eyes (black fondant).
Use the small circle of the piping tip to cut out the two ears. Add eye brows. Glue with water.
Add a toothpick for support & add the head. Roll out it’s tail!
& Voilà !