How To Paint Ombré And Apply Gold Leaf
Before photo
Assess piece for damages and needed repair.
The keyhole was missing it’s metal casing. I added a new mould in a keyhole shape to cover the hole
Remove original hardware
Clean surface with White Lighting
It’s easier to use Chalk Spray paint to paint inside the small areas on the desk.
Apply two coats. This area used a whole can of paint.
I will be installing new hardware. I filled the holes with Dixie Belle Mud.
Overfill holes. Wait until dry to sand back and watch the holes disappear!
Color palate. Aubergine to Tea Rose.
Start from the base, in the darkest tone. Separate brushes for each color. Lay down base coats.
Wait till dry to start a second coat of paint. Clean brushes.
Use a misting bottle filled with water to keep paint moveable and blend together.
Keep blending until you have reached the desired effect.
Wait for paint to dry. Note the filled holes have disappeared!
Gold leaf sheets from local craft store. Mod Podge to apply.
Using a brush apply Mod Podge to the dresser. Apply gold leaf on top.
Wait for the glue to fully dry before removing excess.
Use a clean dry brush and brush off excess gold leaf.
Using a small brush apply Warm Gold gilding wax to highlight edges.
Wax the entire surface with Best Dang Wax In Clear. Re install hardware. I spray painted them gold.
Take some pretty pictures!
Ombré and gold leaf
Shines in the light!
Want to try your own? Purchase from link in comments. Or send me a message!
Thanks for watching!

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