How To Make A Entryway Bench
Rip the top and bottom of the base
Cut the vertical supports
Using a stop block, cut them to length
Glue and then attach using screws
Flip upright and repeat
Glue and attach the back
Nail it
Rip the trim for the side profile
Cut to length
Glue and attach to sides
Attach the horizontal trim
Then the vertical
Cut the moulding to length either straight or at 45 degrees
Glue and nail the moulding
Same for the side
Attach base supports
Paint the base using a sprayer
3 coats should do it
Now for the top. Cut your reclaimed lumber roughly to length
Check for nails, then create a flat bottom over on the joiner
Same for one edge
Place the flat edge against the fence and cut to width
Send through the planer, flat side down
Mark where the biscuits will go
Cut slots w/ biscuit jointer
Add glue and biscuits...then press together
Square off the ends
Add stain
Start with a sealer then wipe on poly
Mount the top to the base
Add baskets of your choice
Place in the entryway and you are done! Please subscribe for more videos :)

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