How To Make A Bow!
Supplies you will need. Floral wire, wire cutters, EZ bow maker, and ribbon.
Cut a 16” piece of wire and lay the wire between the two dowels.
Measure how long you would like your tail to be. A short bow tail is around 8”
Place your ribbon between the dowels where your tail starts. For this bow the tails will be varied
Give your ribbon a twist so the pretty side is down. This is where you will make you first loop.
Measure how big you want your loop. For this bow it was 4.5”, make loop and twist ribbon again.
Continue until you have two loops on each side. Bring ribbon down and cut for the second 8” tail
Second ribbon this time putting tail facing upward at 10 o’clock as this bow varies the tail posit
Continue to make loops, twist ribbon when alternating sides. Bring ribbon down and cut 8” tail
The last ribbon I make the loops smaller. Make two loops on each side
Before cutting ribbon for tail, make a small loop that will be your center. Keep it to one side and
Cut the tail. Bring your wire up from behind and cross cross the wires between the dowels and tighte
Tighten your wire by pulling them tight. Lift your bow off the bow maker
Turn over, pull your wire tight and twist a few times. Leave the wire length to attach to your item
Turn over your bow and fluff it out and pull loops around to where you want them
Trim the ends of the ribbon either in a dove tail or an angle
Your bow is ready to attach!
Your bow is done!
If you want long tails, just end your tails in the front and make them longer.
You can make this bow with all one color ribbon if you want just one color.

Patricia Bryar