How I DIY Dye My Eyebrows in 5 Minutes
Grab your kit. I use medium brown!
Here’s what’s included! Use one capsule per use.
Open up a capsule and dump it into the little cup.
Squirt a little developer cream into the cup and mix it all up!
Start with clean and dry brows.
Apply the solution to your brow (I do one at a time) and make sure to coat all the hairs.
Wait 1-2 minutes depending on desired color.
Remove thoroughly with wipe.
Repeat steps on other brow.
I use a wipe to remove but also make sure to wash my face after for a double cleanse.
All done! And they’ll develop even darker overnight.
Just wash the cup/ brush so you can re-use for next time! The box comes with 20 capsules (20 uses).

Caroline Durkee