Felt Food: Cupcakes
Place cupcake wrapper on felt and trace a circle around it.
Cut through the side of the cupcake wrapper and cut the bottom out. This will be your template.
Trace and cut bottom and edge pieces. Pin in place to make tracing easier.
Fold the ends of your edge piece together. Secure a knot and stitch a bar to begin a blanket stitch
Blanket stitch the ends together. We will use this stitch for the rest of the cupcake.
Turn stitching to inside. Blanket stitch top to sides.
Fill cake with Polyfil or cotton batting and blanket stitch bottom.
Round the corners of your “frosting” felt.
Cut a continuous strip around all 4 sides of your “frosting” felt. Round the ends.
Gather your frosting.
Arrange frosting and glue.
Wrap it up and you’re done!

Emily Cawood