Fall Makeup Look 🍁
Prime eyes with E.L.F camo concealer
Take Rush Shadow with a Morphe R40 and apply to the upper crease and blend upward
Take Framed with a Morphe R33 and pack on the crease and blend
Take some concealer with a flat angled brush and carve cut the crease
Using a Morphe M224 take Halloween to the inner lid next apply Shook to the middle and blend
Apply Framed to the outer lid w/R33 and blend
Take a glitter liner and apply to the upper crease
Take Rush with a Morphe M169 and apply to the lower lash line
Apply Framed with Morphe M165 and blend with Rush
Take Spooky w/ Morphe M165 and use as eyeliner
Take bronzer and use to contour
Apply Blush
Use Morphe M176 and the Shade Face and use as Highlight and blend with blush brush
Lips and we’re done!