Everyday Quick Handstand Practice
Get your body moving
Shoulders: Warm up and condition with planks, push ups, downward dog, and shoulder shrugs
Wrists: Warm up and condition your wrists with flashlights, circles, and wrist ups
Don’t forget your legs! Hip mobility and leg flexibility will help improve your handstands.
Core warm up: Fire up your abs with hollow body, v-ups, or your favorite core exercises.
Exits: Cartwheels/hop-overs help you learn to safely exit your handstand. Keep your arms straight!
Entrances 1: If you’re learning, try baby kick ups, tucks, and straddle
Entrances 2: Hit it & Quit it. Focus on finding your line quickly and come down
Long Holds: Pick your favorite entrance and focus on endurance.
Special: Work on the next skill you want to achieve
Wrist Love 💕