Easy DIY Gift: Customized Bag with Cricut
Let’s dive right in!
Upload design into DS. Weld and resize. I used a Holli Patron SVG. DON’T FORGET TO MIRROR!
Cut with “every day iron on” setting and light grip mat. HTV shiny side down!
Weed your design. (You can weed much quicker with HTV or iron-on than with adhesive vinyl.)
Pre-heat your fabric according to EP guide instructions.
Line up your project and press according to EP guide instructions.
For extra pressure on an uneven surface I inserted my arm into a sweater & placed it inside the bag.
Go over the design with an EP mini or mini craft to press in hard to reach grooves if needed.
Peel back the clear sheet.
Fill your bag with candy, jewelry, etc.

Joanna Livingston