Do Pretty In Pink Makeup
Start with bronzer, highlighter then finish face with blush.
Add a white or light eyeshadow to your eyes, this works to make the next colors pop better.
Now to add your favorite shimmery pink, mine is from Geek Chic Cosmetics.
Now add even more sparkle, I'm using a glittery light blue on top of the pink up to my eyebrows.
Eyeliner time, my favorite is the Elf Liquid liner it goes on so smooth!
Waterline pencil eyeliner just to make your eyes pop a little more.
Fill in your brows as needed with either a pencil liner or this creme Eyebrow kit from Elf.
Mascara, but for your brows!Any old Mascara works, just use to smooth and enhance your brows more.
Mascara for your lashes, make sure to get under and on top of each lash.
Lip liner does an amazing job at enhancing your lips if done well. Add a shimmery lip balm on top!