DIY Basic Stickers In Cricut Design Space
Select your image and/or shapes and insert onto your canvas in Design Space.
Size your objects. I like to make 1” stickers for my kids.
Insert a square, unlock it, and size it to 6.75 x 9.25 inches. This is the largest usable area.
Go to edit>arrange>send to back. Then arrange your images on top. This helps with alignment.
Delete your background rectangle. Then select all of your images and FLATTEN. Save and then MAKE.
Send your project to your home printer.
Select the paper you will be using from the menu. (Turn knob to “Custom Materials” on Air and Air 2
Load your mat into your Cricut and cut.
I like to use a paper trimmer to trim up my stickers.
And you’re done! Pat yourself on the back. Now go make something CUTE!

Naomi Garcia