DIY 100%natural Hair Colour To Cover Greys
Boil some water and add the black tea leaves and ground coffee
Boil the Indian gooseberry powder, black tea and coffee (gooseberry is optional)
Boil this mixture for about 5 mins so that the ingredients release their benefits
Remove any clumps from your henna powder before the next steps
Filter the hot botanical water and blend with your henna powder
Blend well. It’s important that the liquid is hot so that the colour releases from the henna
Add a heaped table spoon of yoghurt(vegan or non vegan ) and blend well for hair conditioning
Add an essential oil for fragrance . You can use lavender , peppermint or eucalyptus
Allow it to rest overnight in a warm space . Don’t throw away any remaking botanical liquid.
The consistency is like yogurt now after soaking it over night . Use remaining tea water to dilute
Apply your henna and keep it for at least 3 hrs. Strands of my hair that are red used to be grey !
Add water to your indigo powder until yoghurt like consistency. Apply immediately and keep for 1hr
My hair post indigo application and wash. All greys now black! 100% natural :)