Detangle & Style Your Curly Kid #curlylittles
Saturate hair with warm water. Apply shampoo to hair & scalp. Massage product in a downward motion
Separate hair as much as possible during each step. Tangle prone curls will tend to clump together
Repeat previous steps. Gently remove any shedding or loose hair.
Use a generous amount of conditioner for better slip while detangling. Add more water as you go
Emulsify in your hands and get to work!
For painless detangling always use a tight grip & work from ends up to the roots
Rinse MOST of the conditioner out with cool water
Silly girl! Don’t forget to make wash days fun & adventurous
Apply easy comb detangler to section of the hair making sure all tangles are gone
Now take even smaller sections & apply curling cream with your fingers.
Repeat these steps through the remaining sections. Hold on TIGHT to avoid crying & complaints
Someone was super excited to see her elongated curls
Use the same technique to achieve definition all over
Air drying is perfectly fine as well. You be the judge
These curls are bouncin’ & behavin’!
Thank you Pink Kids!

Shassity Stevenson