Crockpot Butter Chicken (DF)
Drizzle avocado oil with cumin, chili powder, & S&P on chicken thighs. Let sit 30 min (optional)
Brown chicken thighs on both sides. Does not need to be cooked all the way through (hence crockpot)
Chop your chicken and place into crockpot on high heat setting. Or low if you have 6 hours!
Turn your skillet to low & leave juices in pan. Add your onion and garlic & sautée. Add seasoning
Add your diced tomatoes & tomato sauce. Turn heat up to medium high.
Add your splash of red wine. Any will do!
Go back to your crockpot. Add one can of coconut milk and the coconut fat part of the other two cans
Add your spiced tomato mixture to crockpot & & stir. Cook on high for 4 hours or 6 hours on low.
Stir every hour... and you’re done! Top with lemon, cilantro & chives!
Serve with garlic naan!