Craft An Ombré Yarn Pumpkin
Drill a hole in the bottom of your pumpkin using a drill bit the size of your thermometer
Enter your thermometer to make sure it fits securely
Drill a hole through the stem using the same drill bit
Measure one piece of string around your pumpkin from the stem and then pull approximately 30 lengths
Tape the end of your yarn and cut on an angle
Push yarn through the hole, wrap it around and repeat 2x so you have “butterfly wings,” pull taut
Pull the long tail on the opposite side of the taped yarn and wrap it around the thermometer once
Wrapped once, loosen a wing & pull yarn through, bringing yarn down & around to repeat on other side
When you’ve gone around entire pumpkin, create a 2nd top loop by going over & under each string set
Pull the end through the top loop and continue wrapping the pumpkin like before
When you’ve used up most yarn, wrap the excess around the top loop, going in between string sets
The top should look like this
Bring the ends of both strings together and tie into a knot at the top
Pull strings down, wrap and knot at bottom
The bottom should look like this
Spread out yarn into pairs to fill more space

Taylor Chew