Coq Au Vin
Slice bacon while 1tbs olive oil is warming over medium in a Dutch oven
Fry for 5 min or until browned and set aside
In the same pot, brown the salted and peppered chicken. Add more oil if needed
Remove chicken to be with bacon. Add more oil and now fry the chopped onion, carrots and garlic
Add in the cognac to scrape bits off bottoms. Then add in chicken and bacon plate, along with juices
Add in wine and broth and then thyme. Then place in 250 degree oven, covered, for 1hr
Sauté mushrooms in 1tbs butter until cooked
Remove Dutch to stove. Add mushrooms along with flour-1tbs butter mixture to thicken. Simmer 10min
Remove thyme and enjoy with a side of potatoes your way!