Clarify Your Kid’s Hair #curlylittles
Time to clarify & revive my curls
Fully saturate hair & apply clarifying shampoo to the scalp first.
Clarifying helps to remove any product build-up from scalp. Continue working downward towards ends.
Thicker curls=clarify twice Focus on mid-shaft/ends. Separate hair periodically to avoid tangling.
Always deep condition after clarifying to replenish moisture Apply a generous amt & finger detangle
For extra moisture absorption add more water before covering with conditioning cap
Ready for some heat!
Keep your child dry by securing a towel and/or cape around the neck.
10-12 mins on medium heat.
Dryer set up is EASY & COMFY! Distract with TV or iPad
Rinse thoroughly with cool water to close the cuticle which helps to decrease frizz.
Neat sections helps to apply product evenly and prevents you from being overwhelmed
1.Spray detangler 2.curl creme 3. B’Leave In to bottom section and work up. Add water as needed
OK! These curls ➿are set and ready to dry overnight. Clarify 1-2 times a month!

Shassity Stevenson