Bold Evening Eye Makeup With Backstage Beauty
After completing the everyday look from the 1st tut apply “Cawfee” from the palette to the crease
Using a fluffy brush blend the colour outwards and upwards - use light pressure
Use “Pout” to create a halo around the previous colour, blending softly
Wipe off the excess product from your brush on a cotton pad
Apply the shade “Woowoo” to the middle of the lid with a flat brush
Apply Illamasqua Mislead Cake Liner to the lashline
Extend the Liner as far as your willing to wear
Add “Prosecco” eyeshadow to the inner and middle lid to give a pop
Brush the brows up and use Tarte Cosmetics Brow Powder to build up the brow shape
Apply Eylure Enchanted After Dark Lashes, let the glue go tacky 1st & use the end of a brush to help

Tabby Casto