Black Forest Trifle
For Cream cheese layer. Mix together cream cheese and sugar.
Add whipped cream and mix until smooth.
Smooth! No sugar crystals in sight!
Put a large ziploc bag in a tall glass and spoon the mixture in.
Push down all the filling to one end of the bag.
Do the same for the pudding mixture
Wash and cut strawberries.
With all our ingredients ready. Let’s start trifling!
Break cake in to small bits for cake layer.
Add pudding next.
Spread pudding out.
TIP: Spread most of the pudding to the sides to show pudding layer. Then add another layer of cake.
Layers to this ish!
Break up Jello and add strawberries, then mix it them together.
Add this to make Jello Layer.
Try to fix the strawberries so they show at the sides. Remember we need LAYERS!
Now let’s add the cream cheese. This is so satisfying to watch.
Spread out the mixture.
Sprinkle some cake on top.
The final look

Samantha Silvera