Bang Bang Shrimp
Begin by making the Bang Bang sauce - add the mayo, chili and sriracha sauce together
and give it a good WHIP!
Add buttermilk and evenly coat the shrimp
Wisk it like you just don’t care 😉
Remove the excess amount of buttermilk, so we’re going to drain, then shake and back to the bowl
Coating - add garlic powder, black pepper, onion powder and adobo and whip it
Add seasoned cornstarch to the shrimp and evenly coat the shrimp
In the meantime heat your vegetable oil for frying
Add the shrimp to your hot oil each separately so that it doesn’t stick - fry 2-3 min on each side
Fry Away
Remove the crispy shrimp from the frying pan
Last but not least add the bang bang sauce colorao style..
Oh yeaaaahhh...
Now we plate and garnish with green onions

Sarai Mena Maldonado