3 Exercise Heavy Rope Workout 🔋
Hi! This Jumprope is going to list 3 exercises you can do with a heavy rope!
Benefits of a heavy rope: it makes a higher intensity workout, it’s heavier which makes the arms work more, it can help to make your workouts harder🔥
1. Boxer step crossover✌🏻
Slow mo of the boxer step. Bring your arms so that they cross to crate a loop that you can jump through. Uncross to jump.
Close up of boxer step cross arm movement.
2. Double Unders💪🏻
Slow mo of the double unders: jump on the front of your foot, stay looking ahead, keep your arms in. Push down with forearms
Close up of foot placement: keep on the front part of your foot. Try not to land on your heels as this could cause a heavy landing.
Slow mo of run skip: this is similar to jogging on the spot. Push down with your forearms 😁
With these 3 Jumprope exercises, you can adjust / change reps and sets to create a workout perfect for you🙌🏻
Equipment: Jumprope, and a workout mat if you have one😃
What you'll need
Rush Athletics Mini Mat
Rush Athletics Skipping Rope
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