Show the world how it’s done
At Jumprope, our mission is to empower you to discover how to do anything. We all learn new things, pursue passions, and develop hacks that we want to share. Until now, it’s been too hard to communicate that know-how in an engaging and useful way. By making it simpler and faster to share in an intuitive format, we’re making it easier and more fun to discover how it’s done.
Everyone can share
Each of us has a skill, hack, tip, or trick to share with the world, and we shouldn’t have to buy expensive equipment or take a course in video editing to do so. Now you can create a how-to from your kitchen counter, bathroom mirror, or gym with just your mobile phone. We put the tools to capture, edit, and personalize your how-to at your fingertips. Once you’re done creating, we do the formatting for you so you can easily export videos to each of your social platforms.
A format just for how-to’s
Linear videos are a broken format for discovering how to do things. It’s hard to find the right video, they don’t stop and start when you need them to, and they take too long to get to the point. Whether you’re looking to do something right now or browsing for entertainment and inspiration, a step-by-step format that you can tap through at your own pace is the best way to discover how to do it.
Both a tool and a platform
We often get the question: “Are you a tool or a platform?” The answer is both. Right now, we’re focused on being the best place for anyone to create a how-to and export it to every social platform. As a result, we’re building the best library of how-to content in Jumprope’s step-by-step format. As the depth of our content grows, more and more people will come to our platform to view how-to’s and engage in our community.