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Custom & White Label
Custom Branded and White Label Jump Ropes

Here at we are the jump rope manufacturer for our 100% Canadian and USA made jump rope products and resources. That's right... MANUFACTURERS! We do not import any jump rope products or parts from outside the USA and Canada. We are able to supply large one time custom bulk orders, or setup ongoing distributor relationships with custom or white label jump ropes and resources for your reselling needs.

We only manufacture quality jump ropes used for physical fitness and exercise. We do not manufacture toy jump ropes!

What does being a manufacturer mean for our customers?

Customers benefit from custom jump ropes at smaller volumes!

For custom jump ropes, our customers can choose from a variety of our standard colors for cords and handles, with color matching as on option. Customers may also choose the cord type they desire, the handle types they desire, and the custom branding or message on the ropes. Customers are not purchasing cheap stock ropes that will have a logo pad printed on a handle which will break with the first few uses. Customers are getting a durable piece of exercise equipment. Custom speed rope orders begin with orders as small as 500 units and have no limit on the upper side. With custom beaded rope orders we ask for a 6 rope minimum but with our Make Your Own beaded rope kits there is no minimum. For customers wanting custom ropes but not wanting the volume and expense all up front, now offers a Custom Jump Rope Subscription Plan which allows the rope shipments and payment to be spread over 1 to 3 years depending on contract length. This ideal for fitness clubs and gyms seeking custom jump ropes. Contact us about the new subscription plan for more details!

Customers can re-sell our jump ropes with their own custom label!

That's right! Sell our quality jump ropes with your branding on the rope. People will not know that the jump rope they are buying from you was manufactured by The only thing indicating that your company didn't actually manufacture the ropes yourselves is a small maker's mark imprinted on all our handles so that we know we can offer our warranties on your ropes. As a reseller you also benefit from our product warranties being extended to your customers so you can stand behind the product with your name on it!

Customers benefit from our strict control on the quality of our jump ropes!

As a manufacturer we are concerned about the quality and appearance of all the parts we produce. We test our jump ropes for durability compared against different in-house cords and against our competitors products! Our PVC style jump rope cords lasts 4 to 12 times longer than our major competitors and our handles are shatterproof! Most of the ropes on the market cannot make those claims. That is why we offer the longest warranties in the industry on our parts and products. We are also able to modify our designs or incorporate new designs into our products offer a wider variety of products to our customers. has a fast turnaround time on custom jump ropes!

Our facilities are capable of running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and do so when we are extremely busy. We do not suffer from rationed electricity availability as experienced by many offshore manufacturing plants. Unless you are outside of North America, our ropes are not put on a barge half-way around the world but can be shipped direct to your door by ground freight. We do not have a 24 week turnaround on orders for product. Depending on custom jump rope order sizes, most first time custom jump rope orders are ready to ship in 4 to 8 weeks with only larger orders starting in tens of thousands or more requiring more lead time. Repeat orders take less time to prepare. With closer shipping, our customers are able to direct more of their budgets on purchasing jump ropes, and less of their budget on the shipping costs which do not benefit the end user. products have a smaller carbon footprint!

As a North American jump rope manufacturer we are able to deliver our product to the end user with fewer handlers and shorter delivery routes to customers. Yes, PVC rope manufacturing depends on the plastics industry which is driven by the oil and gas industry. But because our products are generally closer to our customers than oversees products, buying one of our ropes is less harmful to the environment due to the reduced energy required to get our ropes into your hands. It also helps that our manufacturing processes adhere to the environmental laws established for the regions in Canada and the USA where we make our products.

Purchasing our jump ropes is good for the North American economy!

We all know that we live in an age of globalization and the United States is still the largest market on the planet driving much of the world's economy. With the recent economic downturn experienced in the United States and Europe we have seen major job layoffs in these regions in several sectors including manufacturing. Businesses struggle with tumultuous markets and are hesitant to commit to large investments in people and resources. Many businesses are forced to layoff employees or look to shift where they do business. At we are fortunate to have been successfully operating our companies in Canada and the United States since 1983. We employ American and Canadian citizens who contribute directly to the local North American economy. We do not and will not offshore jobs.

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