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We've heard horror stories from coaches of competitive teams using our competitor's ropes where the children cut their hands from handles breaking in the middle of practice and competitions. It has gotten so bad that some teams smash the handles of new jump ropes intentionally and tape the broken handles so as to prevent getting cut when they use the ropes in practice or competition. That does not, has not, and will not happen with jump rope handles.

Why does the image above show two handles, one broken in the background, the other resisting the smash of a hammer? Because this illustrates the difference between many of our competitor's handles and the jump rope handles manufactures. One of our employees snapped a competitor's handle as shown in the picture using his bare hands, and then he unsuccessfully attempted to snap one we manufacture. In fact, our handles stand up to a hammer test! After repeated smashes our employee could only dent and deform our handles, but they would never shatter. That is why offers a limited lifetime warranty on all the handles we manufacture. manufactures a range of jump ropes and resources used by competitive teams at all stages, from novice jump rope teams to World Champions! Our LiteBead™ jump ropes are our lightest beaded rope which many competitive teams like to use. Our LiteBead™ ropes feature a thinner bead coming in 1" and 2" lengths. Our regular beaded ropes are a little heavier with thicker walls on the beads. Coming in 0.75" and 1.5" lengths, some teams prefer to use these beaded ropes for double dutch and freestyle demonstrations as the added weight helps maintain a truer arc on the rope. All our beads have the same lifetime warranty as our handles and feature a wide range of colors to make the ropes highly visible for demonstration purposes. For competitive teams all our beaded ropes have custom colors available in volumes starting at a minimum of 6 ropes unless a Make Your Own rope kit is preferred. also manufactures long handled freestyle jump ropes for individual use which features a thin PVC cord and 8" shatterproof handles. Long handle ropes are preferred for freestyle or trick jumping as the added handle length makes it easier to perform tricks than shorter handles. For double dutch jumping competition teams like our top quality cloth ropes with a tight sixteen strand weave and good weight for arc control. Lastly, for competition training many of our customers take advantage of the skills and drills contained in our Jump Rope for Fitness and Conditioning Book and DVD to prepare for upcoming competitions.

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